Canine Companions For Independence

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Common Sense for Animals is an organization that advocates for all animals including companion animals, wildlife animals, food animals, animals in zoos, and research animals. CSA was founded in 1990 by Robert R. Blease, D.V.M. Common Sense for Animals is committed to protecting the rights of all animals and respecting their dignity throughout their entire lives.

human hugging dog

This organization works to improve every area of the relationship between animals and humans by using animal education and community involvement to reach and educate the world. Common Sense for Animals looks at the entire circle of life. It is their belief that animals should be treated respectfully in their various uses to humans but not as equals to humans. Since humans use animals for food, entertainment, research, and companionship, it is equally humans’ responsibility to treat animals with respect and to protect them from any harm, inhumane treatment, or abuse.