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Animal Consultants offers information on charities and organizations that help animals in need of protection, that need new forever homes, or those that work with service animals.

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What Do Animal Charities Do?

Many people have heard of various animal charities, but they are not really fully cognizant of their purpose. After all, there are plenty of humans that are suffering too. So why should animals get special treatment?

Actually, there is no conflict between animal charities and human charities. This is a common argument that those with less compassion really do not comprehend. Can’t we show compassion for both humans and animals? It’s not as if it is necessary to choose one over another.

However, many people who support animal charities point out that animals are helpless creatures. After all, an animal can’t go to a university or take a job to better themselves. Their ability to adapt to their environment is therefore limited.

It’s for this reason, alone, that many people are so passionate about animal rights.

In addition, animal cruelty runs rampant in every country in the world, and law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, report that very often people graduate from animal cruelty to forms of violence against humans.

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Types of Animal Advocate Organizations

Wildlife Tracking

Many animals are near extinct, so keeping track of cheetahs, tigers, Asian elephants and the like are essential.

Farm Animal Welfare

While not everyone chooses to be a vegetarian, those who are actually familiar with how animals are raised for slaughter are treated in cramped, inhumane situations where their lives are miserable.

Habitat Protection

It’s not enough to track how many animals are getting close to extinction. It’s also vitally important that humans do not cut down the trees and trample on their wetlands so that a balance is preserved between man and wildlife.

Eliminating Animal Exploitation

For centuries, people, in particular those who belong to circuses, have been using wild animals such as elephants, and tigers as human entertainment. But God certainly did not put animals on the earth for our amusement. They are magnificent creatures who need our protection.

Marine Animal Advocacy

The oceans of the world are our lifeblood. If the oceans die, life as we know it would not exist. After all, there is a fine balance between different forms of marine animals such as coral, sharks, and fish. Once things go out of kilter, the whole of life begins to unravel fast.

Advocacy for Vegetarianism

This is probably the most decisive position among many charities. Some will advocate strongly for life without eating meat, while others will not touch it or dance around it. But vegetarianism is a very important part of many animal charities.