Animal Advocacy Organizations

Find an animal advocacy organization to donate to, volunteer with, or partner with.

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Citizens for Animal Protection

The Citizens for Animal Protection (C.A.P.) is a non-profit organization that works to educate the public about the needs and concerns of dogs and cats in Colorado. C.A.P. believes that animals should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness, and they work to protect their rights as living beings. C.A.P. has partnered with many other ... Read more

Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare

The Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (C.C.C.W.) is a non-profit organization consisting of hundreds of animal lovers dedicated to the welfare of dogs in Colorado. C.C.C.W. works to educate the public about the needs and concerns of dogs and pets in Colorado and provides a public forum to discuss animal issues.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) is a non-profit managed by volunteers. CAFT depends entirely on supportive financial support to keep fighting the fur trade. CAFT has aided in revitalizing the grass-roots initiative against the fur trade across the United Kingdom. We have revealed the inhumanity of the fur trade via interrogations, public ... Read more

Born Free USA

It is a renowned wildlife charitable organization that teams up to guarantee a harmonious future where people do not leverage wild animals. We advocate for Humane Ecology to increase the livelihood of victimized wild species and safeguard wildlife ecosystems while preserving their necessities and wellbeing. Born Free objective is to change the way the world’s ... Read more

Born Free UK Wildlife Rescue

Born Free is a worldwide charity that helps various animal rescue centers and wildlife refuges in the United Kingdom. We liberate endangered animals from extremely harsh conditions in which they have been bounded, utilized, or victimized. We reintegrate them and later take them back to the wild. Born Free is dedicated to the conservation of ... Read more

Center for Biological Diversity

Center for Biological Diversity was formed by a group of professionals from different fields with a passion to preserve endangered species. The organization believes, that human existence has a connection to the diversity of plants and animals. The team is dedicated to educating the public through creative media, the law, and science. Their primary role ... Read more

Animals Now

Animal Now is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to the advancement of animal rights and the promotion of humane treatment for all animals. Formerly known as Anonymous for Animal Rights, the organization has been actively working for over two decades to raise awareness and advocate for animal welfare. Animal Now covers a wide range ... Read more

Animal Equity

Animal Equity is an organization focused on ending animal cruelty to farm animals. They also work together with companies, society, and governments. With teams located in Italy Spain Mexico Brazil India United States United Kingdom Germany The company relies on the hard work of each professional stationed on the ground to accomplish its goals of ... Read more

Animal Justice

Located in Canada, Animal Justice is the only law firm in the country dedicated to animals. The National Law Advocacy Organization, Animal Justice, is founded on the premise that animals need lawyers to protect them from animal cruelty and neglect. The organization is even more relevant in light of the country’s poor animal protection laws. ... Read more

Animals Australia

Animals Australia is an organization focused on ending animal cruelty by creating a kinder world for all animals to live in. The organization works honestly and ethically to educate the public on the harm the following practices inflict on animals Live export; is an industry built on an innate acceptance of animal suffering. Wildlife; Native ... Read more

American Humane

American Humane is an organization that takes care of animals’ welfare and well-being to ensure their safety. They have achieved this through innovation combined with science-based programs, which have been effective and have helped them to nurture the bond between animals and humans. American Humane’s slogan is first to serve, which means that they offer ... Read more

Animal Ethics

Animal ethics is a website that translates information about animals and ethics in different languages to reach as many people as possible. They educate about animal species, sentience, and animal protection against exploitation and wild animal suffering. To achieve this, they do a lot of translation. Animal ethics also factors in the technical aspects and ... Read more

How to Become an Animal Advocate

Animals have a life worth living, care for, and liberty in a comfortably enabling environment. However, many suffer from inhumane treatment in their owners’ hands as pets, beasts of burden, or raised for slaughter. The work of animal advocates helps to bring attention to these problems and find a way to attend to their plight. Here is a brief guide on how to become an animal advocate.

Information and Awareness

Every day, thousands of animals are subjected to inhumane treatment. From dogfighting and other unsound recreation with pets to neglect and animals that end up staying on the streets, the problem keeps growing. The work of animal advocates helps document these ills and brings the attention of policymakers and society to the problems. It takes a sense of awareness to grasp this information and bring it to the right place for attention.

You can work from the knowledge point by building on your background and progressively arming yourself with more. Animal welfare and rescue groups organize regular education campaigns in the community. There are good ways to learn by joining and attending these excursions. You will learn how to become part of and contribute positively to animal advocacy.

Compassion and Empathy

The problem of animal welfare comes from the point of neglect and desolation. Almost a third of all homes own a pet. However, many of these do not have the exemplary commitment and empathy to care for the pets. Inevitably, more than five million of these animals end in euthanasia to save them from neglect and the plight without responsible owners.

As an animal advocate, you must start from this point of compassion. It is from this point that it is possible to recognize that the animals have the right to humane treatment and proper care. Subsequently, advocacy will build on this background to encourage others in the community to do something that adds to this cause.

Volunteer and Support

Advocacy is about taking part and giving to the cause. Animal advocacy takes giving willfully and service without pay. You can volunteer for animal rescue and education organizations within the community. The background you have in knowledge and networks adds to the much-needed value for animal welfare. Most rescues need volunteers as vets, social and community workers to researchers. Volunteer work eases their burden and helps to move forward their cause.

If you cannot volunteer physically, there are good ways to support fiscally with finances and networks that add to the cause. Most entities in animal welfare work pro bono and as non-profits. The good help from benevolent people as donors sustain their work and keep them afloat. Your support will go a long way in the work they do and your duty as an animal advocate.


Animal welfare is an important work recognizing that humane treatment is a right for all life. Animal advocates vouch for the good cause and keep the work going. There are good ways to become part by learning about the work, taking it at heart, and giving yourself physically and in-kind to help in the work. That way, you would have done a core part in advocating and caring for animals.