7 Insightful Questions You Should Ask A Dog Breeder

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Choosing a dog breeder is possibly the most difficult decision that you need to make. No matter how much you might know about a breed, choosing a breeder is a completely different ballpark. Being able to choose the right breeder makes all the difference.

If you are stressed out about how to pick a trustworthy breeder, you have come to the right place. We have prepared the ultimate just for you to help point you in the right direction. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

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1. Do You Conduct Any Health Testing?

One of the first questions that you need to ask puppy breeders is what type of health testing they do. To make sure that you know which health tests are necessary, you can check out the national parent club of the breed. It will ensure that you choose someone who knows how to do their job.

Keep in mind that there is a parent club for every AKC-recognized breed. The main reason why these tests are crucial is that they help detect genetic diseases that a particular breed is known for.

Ask the breeder about what they are doing to ensure that their puppies do not suffer from any disorders. You should be on the lookout for an AKC Breeder of Merit as it would mean that the organization recognizes its commitment to preserving the breed and raising the best dogs.

2. Can I See The Health Records Of The Dogs?

The next insightful question that you will need to ask is whether you can see the health records of the dogs or not. Only when a breeder is able to provide the health records after conducting the right tests should you even consider it in your list of options.

The fact is that certification is something that breeders need to provide to interested dog lovers. You will have to ask the question to go through the information in the documents and evaluate the transparency of each breeder.

A reputable breeder should have no trouble sharing the health records of their dogs. On the other hand, if a breeder disagrees to provide you with relevant documents, chances are that they have something to hide. Hence, it would be best that you look elsewhere.

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3. Do You Provide Any Health Guarantee?

An important question that you must always ask regardless of which type of breed you adopt is whether a health guarantee is provided or not. Always go with a breeder that offers a health guarantee for at least a year. It will help ensure that you get the support you need if the pup is later found to have genetic or congenital defects.

Even though it is not possible to predict and prevent all types of disorders, a good breeder should be there by your side and provide assistance if needed. Moreover, it is best practice for a breeder to provide a refund or exchange the pup for one that is healthy.

4. What Types Of Activities Does The Dog Engage In?

In order to bring home a healthy and happy pup, you have to find out more about the type of activities it engages in. The right breeder is one who taps into the innate abilities of the breed and provides opportunities to harness them in the form of obedience, agility, and field trials.

For the best experience, you should go with a breeder that actively participates in activities with its dogs. It would allow you to pick out someone who actually cares about the puppies rather than just making a profit. In fact, you should consider getting a dog that competes in shows as it would ensure that it is well-socialized.

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5. Do You Have A Membership With An AKC-Registered Club?

In addition to the above, you also have to consider whether the breeder is a member of an AKC-registered club or not. It would ensure that it upholds the highest standards and is dedicated to responsible breeding. The fact is that the club is likely to have a code of ethics that each breeder would have to follow.

For instance, the French Bulldog Club of America has its own code of ethics which explicitly states that members have to offer accurate breeding documents to every buyer. It also refuses to work with puppy mills. Hence, you should stick to a breeder that holds membership with an AKC-registered club.

6. Can You Visit The Breeder And Meet With The Dog’s Parents?

Meeting the puppy’s parents should be on the top of your mind. As the coronavirus pandemic has subsided, it is very much possible for you to head over to the breeder’s premises to see the dog in its natural habitat. If you can drive over for a visit, you should definitely go for it.

Besides, learning more about its parents would allow you to get an idea about what it would grow up to be like. In case you had kids, you should bring them along as they deserve to be a part of the fun. Choosing a breeder is a family decision. Therefore, everyone needs to be involved.

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7. What Is The Dog Like?

Lastly, you have to ask the breeder about the dog’s energy levels and temperament. You must understand that you will be living with the puppy for many years to come. This is why you have to ensure that it is the perfect fit.

The breeder is responsible for guiding you with your decision. It is best that you ask them to help you better understand the puppy and explain what your requirements are (i.e. if you have any allergies).


Finding a dog breeder just got a whole lot easier with our post. When you ask the above questions, you will be able to decide who to select. Make sure to also consider how enthusiastic the breeder is about meeting you and looking after the breed. In fact, they should have just as many questions for you.

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