3 Most Expensive Breeds of Cats in the UK

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Cats are beloved companions that bring joy and comfort to their owners. While all cats have a special place in our hearts, some breeds of cats come with a much heftier price tag than others. Let’s take a look at the three most expensive cat breeds available in the UK and why they cost so much.

Savannah Cat – Up to £60,000

savannah cat on leash

The Savannah cat is one of the most unique cat breeds in the world. These cats are bred from a cross between a serval and a domestic cat, which gives them their exotic appearance. Their larger size and striking coat make them stand out among other cats. They also have very active personalities and love engaging with people and their environment.

Savannah cats are one of the most expensive breeds of cats because of their unique physical characteristics and their rarity. The Savannah cat is a hybrid, created by crossing an African Serval with a domestic cat. It has a distinctive large, tall body, long legs, and large ears that give it the appearance of its wild ancestor. They have luxurious spotted coats that make them stand out from other cats and they can be trained to obey commands like other pets. These cats are expensive due to their rarity; they are considered one of the most exotic cat breeds in existence.

Prices for most Savannah Cats can range from £2,000 to £25,000 depending on how closely it resembles its wild ancestor. But on the extreme end, an Ashera Savannah Cat could cost up to £60,000!

Bengal – Up to £10,000

Bengal cat on tree branch

The Bengal cat is another popular hybrid breed created by crossbreeding domestic cats with Asian leopard cats. This breed has become increasingly popular due to its unique spotted coat and friendly personality.

Bengal cats are one of the most expensive breeds of cats to purchase. Not only are they some of the most sought-after cats due to their exotic looks, but they can also be quite costly. Bengals are a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat, which makes them truly unique in both appearance and personality. They have a distinctive spotted or marbled coat and large eyes that add to their exotic appeal.

Prices for Bengal cats can range from £2,500 – £10,000 depending on their generation and lineage. Luckily once you’ve paid the initial cost to purchase a Bengal, they are cheaper to maintain when compared to other breeds, making them a less eye-watering option than they first appear.

Depending on where you purchase your Bengal from, you may also have additional costs such as registration fees or microchip implants. Bengals generally require more care than other breeds such as brushing their coat twice per week due to its thick texture and regular vet visits for vaccinations and check-ups.

Peterbald – Up To £7,000

hairless peterbald cat

The Peterbald Cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. Often described as elegant and aristocratic, this Russian breed was developed in the early 1990s by crossing a Donskoy cat with an Oriental Shorthair. This was introduced by breeder Olga Mironova. This unique mix has resulted in a beautiful and affectionate feline that comes in both short-haired and hairless varieties.

With large, pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, and a slim muscular body, they almost certainly will capture any cat-lover’s heart. This breed is known for its hairless body; however, some Peterbald’s may have fine fuzz or fur depending on their genetics.

Prices for these cats range from around £3,500 – £7,000 again depending upon their parentage. As well as being costly to purchase, owning one of these rare cats also means shelling out for regular veterinary checkups and providing them with high quality food to help them maintain their health.


If you’re looking for an exotic pet that’s sure to turn heads, and you have a large budget then you could consider one of these three breeds. All three varieties could make wonderful pets if you’re willing to pay the price tag they come with! However, be aware that these breeds may require additional care due to their special needs so keep this in mind when making your decision! Additionally, the higher the percentage of wild cat in a hybrid cat, the harder it will be to train it to behave like a domestic cat. Regardless of which breed you choose, protect your pet with cat insurance from Petsure.

In conclusion, cats are an amazing pet choice for any lifestyle, and the three most expensive breeds are no exception. Bengal cats, Savannah cats and Persian cats each bring their own unique advantages and disadvantage to households. They can provide companionship, joy, entertainment and love to their owners who are willing to invest in them but these cats will require more care due to their genetic makeup. That doesn’t mean they are not worth the effort if you are willing and able to provide the proper care needed, but for most, these breed will prove too much. For that reasons, a better recommendation would be to adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue. There is a wide variety of desirable options that will also turn heads.

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