Chinese Animal Protection Network

The Chinese Animal Protection Network (C.A.P.N.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting animals in China. The C.A.P.N. works to provide education and publicize animal cruelty laws and regulations in China, which are often not enforced or are vague and poorly enforced. C.A.P. N also works to educate the Chinese public on the welfare needs … Read more

Citizens for Animal Protection

The Citizens for Animal Protection (C.A.P.) is a non-profit organization that works to educate the public about the needs and concerns of dogs and cats in Colorado. C.A.P. believes that animals should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness, and they work to protect their rights as living beings. C.A.P. has partnered with many other … Read more

Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare

The Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (C.C.C.W.) is a non-profit organization consisting of hundreds of animal lovers dedicated to the welfare of dogs in Colorado. C.C.C.W. works to educate the public about the needs and concerns of dogs and pets in Colorado and provides a public forum to discuss animal issues.

Canine Estates

There are many benefits to keeping dogs on the farm: the amount of free time they have to be active and engaged in activities. Dogs can help with chores around the farm, such as weeding and harvesting crops, and provide companionship for farmworkers. They can also be used to keep pests away from crops. Dogs … Read more


While most people understand mosquitoes’ cause to humans, they do not realize how much of a threat they pose to farm animals. Mosquitoes are carriers of some of the most deadly diseases that affect livestock and are responsible for the death of over 1 million animals each year in the U.S. The best way to … Read more

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) is a non-profit managed by volunteers. CAFT depends entirely on supportive financial support to keep fighting the fur trade. CAFT has aided in revitalizing the grass-roots initiative against the fur trade across the United Kingdom. We have revealed the inhumanity of the fur trade via interrogations, public … Read more

Blind Cat Rescue

Blind Cat Rescue was founded by a mother/daughter in response to the need for a secure place for blind cats who had been judged, unadoptable, and are on their way to being killed for their blindness. at blind cat rescue, we also cater for the Leukemia positive (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency (FIV) cats. BCR’s purpose … Read more

Born Free USA

It is a renowned wildlife charitable organization that teams up to guarantee a harmonious future where people do not leverage wild animals. We advocate for Humane Ecology to increase the livelihood of victimized wild species and safeguard wildlife ecosystems while preserving their necessities and wellbeing. Born Free objective is to change the way the world’s … Read more

Born Free UK Wildlife Rescue

Born Free is a worldwide charity that helps various animal rescue centers and wildlife refuges in the United Kingdom. We liberate endangered animals from extremely harsh conditions in which they have been bounded, utilized, or victimized. We reintegrate them and later take them back to the wild. Born Free is dedicated to the conservation of … Read more

Center for Biological Diversity

Center for Biological Diversity was formed by a group of professionals from different fields with a passion to preserve endangered species. The organization believes, that human existence has a connection to the diversity of plants and animals. The team is dedicated to educating the public through creative media, the law, and science. Their primary role … Read more