Common Sense for Animals Organization

This charity works to prevent cruelty to animals. They do this by educating people about animal issues and providing resources for pet owners. Common Sense for Animals works with shelters and rescues to help find homes for animals needing a loving home. They also work with local veterinary clinics to provide free spay and neuter … Read more

Dogs Trust Organization the UK

This charity works to save dogs from shelters. They provide assistance and support to dogs that require a loving home. The charity also offers education on dog training and behavior issues. The charity works to encourage people in the UK to adopt dogs rather than buy them from pet stores. They work with local shelters … Read more

Coastal Pet Rescue Mission Saves Animals

Coastal Pet Rescue Mission is a non-profit charity that rescues dogs and cats who are abused and homeless in Savannah and throughout its local areas. This Charity provides: Foster care Provide cats and dogs with new homes Proper screening and counseling where people can ensure their new home is a lifetime one. Bring educated to … Read more

Compassion In World Farming

Compassion In World Farming is a charity that aids every farm animal to have the chance to feel free on open ground without being locked up in cages. People who support this Charity can aid in ending cruelty to animals in cages. People want the government to create new laws that would ban cages for … Read more

Humane Farm Animal Care Aids Farm Animals

Humane Farm Animal Care DBA Certified Humane is a registered non-profit organization in the Metropolitan Washington DC area. This Charity devotes their time to improving the lives of farm animals in food production from their birth through killing. The goal is to improve the lives of farm animals by growing consumer awareness that will drive … Read more

Beyond Carnism

Beyond Carnism Is An International Organization To Change Carnism Beyond Carnism, based in the United States, is an international organization that devotes itself to transforming and uncovering carnism, believing that conditions allow people to eat various animals. However, Carnism causes widespread suffering that people kill unnecessary land animals over seventy billion. These killings contribute to … Read more

Chinese Animal Protection Network

The Chinese Animal Protection Network (C.A.P.N.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting animals in China. The C.A.P.N. works to provide education and publicize animal cruelty laws and regulations in China, which are often not enforced or are vague and poorly enforced. C.A.P. N also works to educate the Chinese public on the welfare needs … Read more

Citizens for Animal Protection

The Citizens for Animal Protection (C.A.P.) is a non-profit organization that works to educate the public about the needs and concerns of dogs and cats in Colorado. C.A.P. believes that animals should be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness, and they work to protect their rights as living beings. C.A.P. has partnered with many other … Read more

Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare

The Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (C.C.C.W.) is a non-profit organization consisting of hundreds of animal lovers dedicated to the welfare of dogs in Colorado. C.C.C.W. works to educate the public about the needs and concerns of dogs and pets in Colorado and provides a public forum to discuss animal issues.