Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated specifically and solely to protecting and improving cats’ lives. In addition, they truly are an advocate and protector of stray, feral, or alley cats. They are a resource for not only the cat that lives indoors and in shelters but the cat that lives outdoors as well.

stray cat

Alley Cat Allies serves as a resource for various cat care providers. Alley Cat Allies is leading the way for positive change. They are changing the way people see and think about cats. They work with communities in a variety of ways in promoting understanding, feline health, and awareness of the special needs kittens have in animal shelters. Alley Cat Allies operate mobile units that host events to perform spay and neutering, vaccinating, and micro-chipping. They are a leader in educating communities about changing cats’ lives for the better.