FurKid Rescue

“From Death Row to Happy Homes” is FurKids motto. FurKid Rescue is a foster-based animal rescue organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. FurKids was founded in 2008 and has placed 700+ dogs, cats, and pigs in loving homes. The majority of the animals FurKid rescues are in dire situations and have very little chance of survival.

cats in a crate

Often times volunteers have rushed to shelters to pull dogs from the brink of death by euthanasia. They often lie awake at night worrying how they are going to save all of the animals. Their hearts break every time they can’t. Running a rescue takes an enormous amount of human and financial resources. Every bit of the donations received by FurKids goes toward their mission and is one more step toward sending another animal into a loving forever home where they can grow, thrive, and be loved. Without the help of donations, sponsors, fosters, and volunteers, FurKid would be unable to save the many lives that they do. This is the key to their success.